Standing Ovation Please….

Let’s hear it for Stand Up Desks!  I recently had a client report a significant improvement with his neck and back pain since getting a stand-up desk.

Physical Benefits to a Stand-Up Desk:

-100# of pressure in the lumbar spine, instead of 300-600#.

-12# of pressure in the cervical spine, instead of 36#

-Less pain and improved quality of life

Hidden Benefits:

-greater productivity!  This one was a pleasant surprise to me.  When we sit, our body is telling our brain that it’s time to relax.  When we stand up, our body is telling our brain it’s time to work.  The mixed signals of sitting (brain being told its relaxation time) while working (brain being told it’s time to work) decreases our productivity.  Standing up while working sends a congruent message to the brain and creates a focused environment with intrinsic motivation to get the job done efficiently.

Check out these Height-Adjustable Tables:

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