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Got a moment? Your body wants to tell you something.

Rest is a requirement.  So why do I feel so bad when I give it to myself?? I had a chat with a spiritual teacher tonight and asked her if she ever felt guilty when she took a rest day.  She thought I was crazy.  She said, my body needs rest and rest is a …

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Changing YOUR pain experience

As many of you know from working with me, the language we use, hear, and say can impact our experience of pain. I was recently introduced to this woman, and her hero’s journey from recovery of persistent pain is one worth sharing! Enjoy the read, I hope it inspires you to think as much as …

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Body Intelligence Perspective on Physical Pain

Have you heard of a concept called Body Intelligence?  It is a cutting edge body of knowledge that is emerging out of the work I do at Body Mind Physical Therapy.  It’s about learning to use the data from your body in any given moment to navigate your best life in flow.   Pain is …

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Pain stops you at Frustration Station

What to do with Frustration around Pain So many people get frustrated with their pain and just want it to go away.  Physiologically, I know that frustration is an emotion that causes the body to tense up – the exact opposite of what is required for the pain to go away.  What a dreadful self-fulfilling …

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Standing Ovation Please….

Let’s hear it for Stand Up Desks!  I recently had a client report a significant improvement with his neck and back pain since getting a stand-up desk. Physical Benefits to a Stand-Up Desk: -100# of pressure in the lumbar spine, instead of 300-600#. -12# of pressure in the cervical spine, instead of 36# -Less pain …

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Understanding Pain

Pain: it’s not what you thought!  Check this video out to expand your mind, knowledge and awareness.  Surprise added bonus… it will reduce your stress and pain.

80% Pain Relief With These 9 Spoken Words


Imagine, you are a collegiate track and field athlete. Your left foot hurts, and you can’t run. If you can’t run, you can’t participate in what you love to do, you are deprived of spending time with your community, and you are banished to and labelled as the “injured crew”. Does that resonate with anyone? …

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Habits for the New Year

We are approaching two weeks into the New Year… how is everyone doing with their New Years’ Resolutions?!?! Most resolutions don’t stick because they haven’t become habitual behaviors.  I’ve always thought it took 21 days to form a new habit and I recently decided to put that statement to the test.  I did a bit …

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Christmas Truce of 2014

Christmas Truce of 2014… 100 year anniversary of 1914. I was reminded about the truce of WWI during Christmas of 2014 this morning, where fighting in many regions of Germany was put on hold to fraternize and celebrate peace amongst the fighting troops.  How amazing and inspiring, that in the midst of an atrocious war, …

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