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People are at higher risk of injury from the following 3 risk factors: history of injury, movement restrictions, and movement asymmetries. We cannot change the past, but we can certainly influence the future by identifying and fixing movement restrictions and asymmetries.

Pain serves a purpose. It is our body’s way of trying to communicate something to you. I can help you interpret what it means and how to restore a harmonious existence between you and your body.

Pain is a complex process and multifactorial in nature. Pain is produced by the brain 100% of the time, based upon information that is transmitted from your body’s muscles, joints, discs, and ligaments via nerves. Your external environment, emotions, moods, stress levels and memory also play a role in your brain’s complex processing of pain. Pain is never produced from a single structure in isolation, so I believe in trying to figure out what factors are playing a role in your pain experience and how to target all contributing factors in the most effective way possible.

Little pains grow up to be big pains. Ignoring problems is not a helpful strategy and pain is much easier to fix when you address problems and/or pain early.

Sometimes areas hurt, but they might not be the responsible party. Pain can arise because of a restriction or imbalance somewhere else in the body that causes a compensation- which leads to your pain. I’m interested in not only helping the painful area feel better, but identifying and fixing the source of symptoms (to lessen the chance of it coming back again). It’s not just about fixing your knee pain, but looking at your knee and how it moves interdependently with the rest of your body.

Pain is an interaction between the mind and the body. For a complete picture of healing, both need to be addressed. When I speak of the mind, my intention is to speak of how the brain processes information, most of which is out of our conscious awareness and control.

The body has an inherent wisdom to heal. The more we allow and facilitate that process to occur, the better you will move and feel. Healing comes about by you playing an active role in the process; therefore, your greatest outcomes will occur with your active participation.